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If you or someone you know is currently in danger, please dial 911 immediately.

Kristin Brooks Hope Center is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Our focus is suicide prevention, awareness and education. We provide help and hope through college campus and high school events, online suicide crisis chat, suicide crisis hotlines and other educational programs.

Since the suicide of his wife Kristin in April 1998, KBHC Founder Reese Butler has been on a personal crusade. His mission for the past 17 years has been to offer help and hope, and the option to live, to those in the deepest emotional pain.

Depression is treatable. Suicide is preventable. Join and support our suicide prevention efforts today!

3 Things You Can Do To Help

sBecome a Volunteer

IMAlive runs on volunteers. The more volunteers, the more people we can reach, the more lives we will save.


sMake a donation

We have volunteers waiting in the wings who need your support and a growing network that needs your help.


sSpread the word

Tell your friends and family about IMAlive, its services and its need, a life may depend on it.

 Volunteer of the Month

Matt from Michigan

Matt joined IMAlive in September of 2014, completing his training quickly and moving into helping those in crisis In October. Over the last few months Matt has been extremely empathetic and caring to people he chats with. He has grown in confidence with each shift and is always ready to pick up more hours as each month passes. His dedication is shown in the over 120 crisis shift hours that he has volunteered in which he is never hesitates to go the extra mile in. But he doesn’t only go the extra mile in chats. He helps out with the celebrity outreach with contacting many famous Youtubers, which in turn they post positive statements about IMAlive on social media, helping us to raise awareness. We are very proud to say that Matt is our Volunteer of the Month.

Kristin Story IconKristin’s story
Kristin Brooks Rossell
Nov. 16, 1969 – Apr. 7,1998

During depression the world disappears. Language itself. One has nothing to say. Nothing. Kristin experienced this misery, yet still managed to touch many lives and even in death continues to help others find help for their depression. The Kristin Brooks Hope Center was created to help those in crisis find help and hope immediately.

The site and her story gives you a raw, personal glimpse into depression, and how it affects those around you. In addition, you will find the only clear, step-by-step path for you to follow out of the darkness. There is hope and you can feel happy again! If you need to speak with someone right now call:

1.800.442.HOPE (1.800.442.4673)
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