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In The Spotlight - Ann from Missouri

Volunteer hours are not a competition, it’s not about how much you can wrack up while not remembering your own self care. Its about volunteering when you can or as long as you can, while you stay healthy. Everyone has a different capacity and everyone has different lives.

Ann isn’t just a warm and caring volunteer. She isn’t just a remarkable and dedicated responser who is on shift often several times a week. What makes Ann hold the spotlight in all our eyes this month is how she is able to do this and keep safe.

IMALIVE chats can be heavy. One shift can last over 4 hours. But Ann is always up to the challenge – to help others but also to help herself. Since Ann is on shift more than any other volunteer, she has been able to work with each supervisor and all of us agree, it’s not the hours she has put in, it’s the care in those hours that we love. Honouring each person she talks to with the respect and care that they deserve, Ann shows us that it’s quality, not quantity– even though she has plenty of both!

Torrey DeVitto of Pretty Little Liars Supports IMALIVE
Meet New IMALIVE Volunteers Training and Certification Completed!

Michelle from New Jersey

Michelle from New Jersey

Michelle from New Jersey

Cody from Minnesota

Kelly from New Jersey

Thank you to all the donors –

Mike, Sharon, Renee, Tricia, Kimberly, Tracey, Megan, Kelly, Erica, Michelle, Janna, Desiree, Kenneth, Teresa, Maria, Fernando, Suzanne, Michelle, Amanda, Nike, Randy, Aiden, Ryland, Linda – who supported and cheered on to help these 5 volunteers accomplish their goal!

qouteI volunteer because I care, and I’ve been there. Every time I chat with a new person I wonder about their story. I feel privileged to be able to listen to people who may not feel like anyone cares. I feel lucky to get to care about people from everywhere in all kinds of situations, people from all over, people I could never meet. To hear their stories. Everyone has a different struggle and the size of the struggle doesn’t matter. Everyone’s story matters. Everyone needs someone. We are here to be that someone. To listen to you and to show you that you have the skills to get through this.

You are not alone and you don’t have to be. – IMALIVE Volunteerqoute-cls

Volunteer of the Month Kathryn from Massachusetts - 400 volunteer hours!

Kathryn began with IMAlive in 2012. With her empathetic ear and supportive soul, she has had nearly 600 chats with those who are in crisis.

Often she received messages from those she spoke to:

“I really appreciate you talking this out to me.”
“Thank you, talking to you really helped.”
“Thank you for listening to me for so long, it was very helpful.”

We are very proud to have Kathryn on our team, and look forward to her growing and helping even more of those who reach out.

IMALIVE's 4th birthday is coming up!

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qouteThank you for talking to me. It really helped. I don’t see suicide as my only option anymore. I realized I never wanted to die,

I just wanted to not feel alone – Anonymous chat visitorqoute-cls

500 Volunteer Hours!
Preventing Suicide On College Campus

Snow, ice, sleet and windy weather didn’t stop our Spring 2015 College Suicide Prevention Tour! We have visited 6 campuses so far and are getting ready for California, Alabama and Missouri. Click below to see photos from the fairs and the unique graffiti canvases created at the Alive! Mental Health Fairs. Huge thank you to IMALIVE volunteers Hannah (who travelled all the way from Germany),  Jackie and Nora (who came down from Canada) to help out with the fairs!

Alive! Mental Health Fair is coming to the following colleges in 2015:

Spring and Fall 2015 dates are being added every week

  • 4/1/2015 – St Charles Community College, Cottleville, MO
  • 4/2/2015 – University of Alabama, Huntsville, AL
  • 4/2/2015 – Mira Costa College, Oceanside, CA
  • 4/5/2015 – Darton State College, Albany, GA
  • 4/6/2015 – Centenary College, Hackettstown, NJ
  • 5/5/2015 – Jefferson Community College, Watertown, NY
  • 9/10/2015-Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
  • 9/10/2015-Penn State University-Mont Alto
  • 9/28/2015-Anne Arundel Community College-Arnold,MD
  • 10/8/2015-NOVA-Sterling,VA
  • 11/10/2015-Montgomery College, Takoma Park,MD
IMALIVE at the Capitol and the White House

Our volunteer Hannah flew from Germany to finally meet the IMALIVE team face to face and tour Washington, DC. It happened to be the coldest week, and probably day, of the year but we managed to see some sights and had a great time!


IMALIVE is a worldwide volunteer network that started in the US and now includes volunteers in many other countries.

Our efforts are made possible thanks to the support of individual donors, the PostSecret
Community, and the Kristin Brooks Hope Center, a 17 year old suicide prevention nonprofit organization.

All members of our team volunteer their time to help prevent suicide, one caring conversation at a time.


Many people considering suicide are afraid to pick up the phone and call a hotline. IMALIVE offers a confidential and anonymous chat option, where each chat visitor is offered non-judgemental support and individualized resource options. In 2014, we have replied to over 10,000 crisis chats and follow up emails. At IMALIVE, volunteers get trained and provide emotional support from their home.