How to Keep a Clean House With a Big Family

How to Keep a Clean House With a Big Family

Maintaining a clean and organized household can be a daunting task, especially when you have a big family. The constant hustle and bustle can often make it seem impossible to keep everything in order. However, with a few simple strategies and a little bit of effort, you can create a clean and harmonious living space for your entire family to enjoy. Here are some tips to help you keep a clean house with a big family:

1. Establish a cleaning schedule: Create a schedule that includes daily, weekly, and monthly chores for each family member. This will ensure that everyone contributes to the upkeep of the house.

2. Declutter regularly: Encourage your family members to declutter their belongings regularly. Donate or discard items that are no longer needed or used.

3. Set clear expectations: Clearly communicate your expectations for cleanliness to your family members. Everyone should understand their responsibilities and the standards they need to meet.

4. Enforce a “clean as you go” rule: Encourage family members to clean up after themselves immediately instead of letting messes accumulate. This will help prevent the house from becoming overwhelming to clean.

5. Create designated storage spaces: Assign specific areas for different items, such as toys, shoes, and school supplies. This will make it easier for everyone to find what they need and put things away.

6. Implement a shoe-free policy: Request that family members remove their shoes at the entrance to avoid tracking dirt and debris throughout the house.

7. Use organizing tools: Invest in storage containers, shelves, and hooks to keep things organized. This will help reduce clutter and make cleaning more manageable.

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8. Divide and conquer: Divide larger cleaning tasks among family members to get the job done more efficiently. Assign specific areas or rooms to each person for deep cleaning.

9. Have cleaning supplies readily available: Keep cleaning supplies in easily accessible locations throughout the house. This will make it convenient for family members to clean up spills or messes as they occur.

10. Make it fun: Turn cleaning into a game or competition to make it more enjoyable for the whole family. Offer rewards or incentives for completing tasks or maintaining cleanliness.

11. Lead by example: Show your family members the importance of cleanliness by being a role model. Demonstrate good cleaning habits and take responsibility for your own messes.


1. How can I motivate my family members to help with cleaning?
Encourage them to take pride in their living space, communicate the benefits of a clean home, and reward their efforts.

2. What if my family members are resistant to cleaning?
Have an open conversation about the importance of cleanliness and explain how it affects the overall well-being of the family. Offer incentives or find creative ways to make cleaning more enjoyable.

3. How can I manage the cleaning workload with a busy schedule?
Delegate tasks, set realistic expectations, and prioritize tasks based on urgency. Consider outsourcing certain cleaning tasks if necessary.

4. How can I involve young children in cleaning?
Assign age-appropriate tasks, make cleaning fun with games or music, and provide positive reinforcement and praise for their efforts.

5. Should I hire professional help?
If your schedule and budget allow, hiring professional cleaners occasionally can provide a deep clean and take some pressure off your shoulders.

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6. How often should I deep clean the house?
The frequency of deep cleaning depends on your family’s needs and lifestyle. Aim to deep clean at least once a month or as needed.

7. How do I prevent clutter from accumulating?
Regularly declutter, establish a system for organizing belongings, and encourage family members to put things away after use.

8. How can I tackle pet-related messes?
Vacuum regularly, groom pets regularly, establish a designated pet-friendly area, and clean up accidents immediately.

9. What if I don’t have enough storage space?
Maximize the use of vertical storage, invest in multi-purpose furniture with built-in storage, and declutter regularly to create more space.

10. How do I handle disagreements about cleanliness standards?
Have open and respectful conversations, compromise on certain areas, and establish agreed-upon cleanliness standards as a family.

11. How can I make cleaning a habit for my family members?
Consistency is key. Set routines, offer reminders, and create a positive environment that encourages cleanliness.

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