How to Play 8 Ball Pool With Friends on Facebook

How to Play 8 Ball Pool With Friends on Facebook

Are you a fan of the classic game of 8 Ball Pool? Do you want to challenge your friends and showcase your skills? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the process of playing 8 Ball Pool with friends on Facebook. So, grab your cue stick and let’s get started!

Step 1: Launch the Game
First and foremost, make sure you have the 8 Ball Pool game installed on your device. If not, download it from your app store and log in with your Facebook account. Once you’re logged in, you will have access to various game modes including playing with friends.

Step 2: Invite Your Friends
To play with your friends on Facebook, select the “Play Friends” option from the main menu. You will be presented with a list of your Facebook friends who are also playing 8 Ball Pool. Tap on the friend you wish to challenge and send them an invitation.

Step 3: Customize the Game
Before starting the game, you can customize the settings according to your preferences. Choose the game mode (1 vs 1, 9 Ball, or Tournament), set the bet amount, and select the table you want to play on. You can also choose to play with or without guidelines, depending on your skill level.

Step 4: Start Playing
Once your friend accepts the invitation, the game will begin. The player who breaks first will be determined randomly. Use your cue stick to aim and adjust the power of your shot. Swipe the screen to strike the cue ball and pocket the designated balls. Alternate turns with your friend until one of you successfully pockets all of their assigned balls, followed by the black 8 ball to win the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can I play 8 Ball Pool on Facebook without downloading the app?
No, you need to download the 8 Ball Pool app on your device to play the game on Facebook.

2. Can I play 8 Ball Pool with friends who are not on Facebook?
No, the game only allows you to play with friends who are also on Facebook and playing 8 Ball Pool.

3. Can I play 8 Ball Pool with more than one friend at a time?
Yes, you can invite multiple friends to play, and the game will be played in a turn-based format.

4. Is it possible to chat with my friend during the game?
Yes, there is a chat feature available within the game that allows you to communicate with your opponent.

5. Can I change the table color or design?
Yes, the game offers various table designs and colors to choose from.

6. What happens if my opponent disconnects during the game?
If your opponent disconnects, the game will pause, and you will be notified. You can either wait for them to reconnect or exit the game.

7. Can I play 8 Ball Pool with friends on different platforms, such as Android and iOS?
Yes, the game supports cross-platform play, so you can play with friends using different devices.

8. Are there any rewards or achievements for winning games?
Yes, the game offers rewards, achievements, and levels that you can unlock by playing and winning matches.

9. Can I challenge random players instead of friends?
Yes, you can choose the “Play 1 on 1” option to challenge random players from around the world.

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10. Can I practice alone before playing with friends?
Yes, the game provides a “Practice” mode where you can sharpen your skills before challenging your friends.

11. Is 8 Ball Pool available for PC or Mac?
Yes, you can play 8 Ball Pool on Facebook using a web browser on your PC or Mac.

Now that you know how to play 8 Ball Pool with friends on Facebook, gather your pool enthusiast buddies and start challenging each other for an exciting and competitive gaming experience. Remember to practice, strategize, and have fun!

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