How to Play Custom Maps With Friends Rocket League

How to Play Custom Maps With Friends in Rocket League

Rocket League is a popular multiplayer sports game that combines elements of soccer with high-flying cars. While the game offers a variety of exciting arenas to play in, you may sometimes want to spice up your gaming experience by creating or playing custom maps with your friends. Custom maps can offer unique challenges and gameplay styles that are not available in the standard arenas. In this article, we will guide you on how to play custom maps with friends in Rocket League.

Playing custom maps with friends requires a few simple steps:

1. Download the custom map: Start by browsing the Rocket League custom map community and selecting a map that interests you. There are several websites and forums where players share and upload their custom creations.

2. Install the custom map: Once you’ve selected a map, download it and extract the files if necessary. Custom maps typically come in the form of a .zip or .udk file. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by the map creator on how to install it properly.

3. Locate the Rocket League game files: Navigate to the Rocket League game files on your computer. You can usually find them in the “Steam\steamapps\common\rocketleague” folder if you have the game installed through Steam.

4. Place the custom map in the correct folder: Open the “workshop” folder within the Rocket League game files and create a new folder with the map’s name. Paste the downloaded custom map files into this folder.

5. Launch Rocket League: Start the Rocket League game and select the “Extras” option from the main menu. Then, choose the “Workshop” option.

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6. Enable the custom map: In the Workshop menu, you will see a list of installed custom maps. Select the map you want to play and click on the “Enable” button.

7. Create a private match: Return to the main menu and select the “Play” option. Then, choose “Private Match” and set up the match settings according to your preferences.

8. Invite your friends: Once the private match is set up, you can invite your friends to join by sending them an invitation through the game’s built-in invitation system.

9. Start the match: When all players have joined the match, select “Start” to begin playing on the custom map with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can I play custom maps on consoles?
No, custom maps are currently only available on PC.

2. Can I create my own custom maps?
Yes, Rocket League provides a tool called “Rocket League Workshop” that allows players to create and share their own custom maps.

3. Can I play custom maps in online matches?
No, custom maps can only be played in private matches with friends.

4. Are custom maps free to download?
Yes, custom maps are free and can be downloaded from various community websites.

5. Do all players need to have the same custom map installed?
Yes, all players must have the same custom map installed to play together.

6. Can I use custom maps in tournaments?
No, custom maps are not supported in official Rocket League tournaments.

7. Can I use custom maps in ranked matches?
No, custom maps are not available for ranked matches.

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8. Can I use custom maps in split-screen mode?
Yes, you can play custom maps in split-screen mode with your friends.

9. Can I modify custom maps?
Yes, you can modify custom maps using the Rocket League Workshop tool.

10. Are there any restrictions on custom map creation?
Yes, custom maps must comply with Rocket League’s terms of service and cannot contain offensive or inappropriate content.

11. Can I share my custom maps with the community?
Yes, you can upload your custom maps to community websites for other players to download and enjoy.

Playing custom maps with friends in Rocket League adds a whole new dimension to the game. Whether you want to challenge your skills or simply have fun with unique gameplay experiences, custom maps offer endless possibilities. Follow the steps outlined in this article, and start exploring the exciting world of custom maps with your friends in Rocket League.

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