Random Family Characters Where Are They Now

Random Family: Characters Where Are They Now?

Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble, and Coming of Age in the Bronx is a compelling non-fiction book written by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc. Published in 2003, it follows the lives of several individuals living in the Bronx, New York, and explores the challenges they face as they navigate the complexities of poverty, love, drugs, and family dynamics. The book provides a raw and honest portrayal of these characters, leaving readers wondering about what happened to them after the events depicted in the book. In this article, we will delve into the lives of some of the key characters and explore where they are now.

Coco Rios, one of the central figures in the book, has faced numerous hardships throughout her life. From being a young teenage mother to struggling with drug addiction, Coco’s journey has been tumultuous. However, she managed to turn her life around and found stability by starting a family with her partner, Cesar. Coco is now a proud mother of three children and has remained clean for several years. She works as a home health aide and is actively involved in her children’s lives, striving to provide them with a better future.

Jessica, Coco’s younger sister, also had a challenging upbringing. She experienced abuse, addiction, and incarceration. However, Jessica has since made significant progress in her life. She obtained her GED while in prison and has dedicated herself to helping others who have faced similar struggles. Jessica now works for a non-profit organization that supports individuals in the Bronx community who have been affected by drugs and violence.

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Boy George, a charismatic drug dealer who had a significant impact on Coco’s life, has faced his own share of difficulties. After being imprisoned multiple times, Boy George managed to break free from the cycle of crime and drugs. He now works as a counselor at a rehabilitation center, using his own experiences to help others on their path to recovery.

As for the other characters in the book, their lives have taken various paths. Some have managed to overcome their circumstances and build stable lives, while others continue to struggle with addiction and the consequences of their choices. The book highlights the complexity of their journeys and the ongoing challenges they face.


1. Did Coco ever relapse after getting clean?
No, Coco has remained clean for several years and is dedicated to her sobriety.

2. How did Jessica turn her life around after being incarcerated?
Jessica obtained her GED while in prison and has since focused on helping others in similar situations.

3. Is Boy George still involved in criminal activities?
No, Boy George has managed to break free from a life of crime and works as a counselor at a rehabilitation center.

4. What happened to Coco’s children?
Coco’s children are doing well, and she remains actively involved in their lives.

5. Did any of the characters move out of the Bronx?
While some characters have relocated, many still reside in the Bronx, facing ongoing challenges.

6. Did any of the characters pursue higher education?
A few characters managed to pursue education or vocational training, but it varied among individuals.

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7. Are the characters still involved in illegal drug use?
Some characters continue to struggle with addiction, while others have managed to overcome it.

8. How has the book impacted the lives of the characters?
The book has brought attention to their struggles and shed light on the systemic issues they face.

9. Have any of the characters faced legal consequences for their actions?
Several characters have faced legal consequences, including imprisonment, but some have managed to rehabilitate themselves.

10. What support systems exist for individuals in similar circumstances?
Various organizations and programs in the Bronx provide support for individuals facing similar challenges, helping them access resources and rehabilitation.

11. Has the book inspired any positive changes in the Bronx community?
The book has sparked conversations and raised awareness about the issues faced by marginalized communities, leading to increased efforts to address these challenges.

In conclusion, the characters in Random Family have experienced a range of outcomes since the events depicted in the book. Some have managed to overcome their hardships and build stable lives, while others continue to struggle. Their stories serve as a reminder of the complexities and resilience of individuals living in poverty and the ongoing need for support and resources in marginalized communities.

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