Which Champions Are Friends

Which Champions Are Friends?

In the vast world of League of Legends, friendships can be forged and alliances can be broken. With over 150 champions to choose from, it’s only natural to wonder who gets along and who doesn’t. While some champions have deep-rooted rivalries and conflicts, others have formed unexpected friendships and bonds. In this article, we will explore some of the champions who have found camaraderie on the Summoner’s Rift.

1. Garen and Lux: These two Demacian champions share a special bond, as they both hail from the noble Crownguard family. Their relationship goes beyond bloodlines, as they fight side by side for justice and honor.

2. Braum and Ashe: The Frost Archer and the Heart of the Freljord have a strong friendship based on their shared love for their homeland. Braum’s protective nature and Ashe’s leadership qualities make them a formidable duo.

3. Rumble and Tristana: Despite their size difference, this yordle pair shares a love for explosions and mayhem. Their friendship is built on their mutual passion for blowing things up and causing chaos.

4. Ezreal and Taric: These two champions have a unique bond that stems from their shared obsession with gemstones. Taric’s wisdom and Ezreal’s adventurous spirit make them a great team.

5. Miss Fortune and Gangplank: While their relationship may seem complicated, Miss Fortune and Gangplank have a history that intertwines revenge and rivalry. Despite their tumultuous past, they have formed a twisted friendship based on their mutual desire for power.

6. Lux and Ezreal: Lux’s bright personality and Ezreal’s charm create a delightful dynamic between these two champions. They share a sense of adventure and curiosity that fuels their friendship.

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7. Janna and Yasuo: Janna’s calming presence and Yasuo’s quest for redemption make them an unexpected but harmonious pairing. Together, they find solace on the battlefield and seek to restore balance.

8. Lulu and Pix: As a yordle sorceress, Lulu’s bond with her magical companion Pix is unbreakable. They share a whimsical friendship filled with mischief and wonder.

9. Thresh and Lucian: While not exactly friends, Thresh and Lucian have a complicated history that binds them together. Lucian seeks revenge for Thresh’s wicked deeds, creating an intense rivalry between the two.

10. Jinx and Vi: These two champions may seem like polar opposites, but their love for chaos and destruction brings them together. Their friendship is built on a shared rebellious spirit and a penchant for mayhem.

11. Soraka and Warwick: This unlikely friendship between a celestial being and a werewolf is based on redemption and forgiveness. Soraka’s healing abilities and Warwick’s dark past create an interesting dynamic between them.


1. Can champions have multiple friendships?
Yes, champions can form multiple friendships based on their shared interests or backgrounds.

2. Are there any rivalries between champions who are friends?
Sometimes, friendships can be tested by rivalries or conflicts, but true friends find a way to overcome these challenges.

3. Can champions switch allegiances and become friends with former enemies?
In the ever-evolving world of League of Legends, allegiances can change, and enemies can become friends.

4. Do friendships affect gameplay?
While friendships between champions do not directly affect gameplay, they can enhance the overall experience and storytelling.

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5. Are there any romantic relationships between champions?
Yes, there are romantic relationships between certain champions, adding another layer to their interactions.

6. Can friendships evolve over time?
Absolutely! Friendships can grow stronger or weaken over time, depending on the events and experiences the champions go through.

7. Are there any friendships between champions from different factions?
Yes, friendships can transcend faction boundaries, as champions can find common ground despite their differences.

8. Can friendships be broken?
Friendships can be tested and broken, just like in real life. Betrayals or conflicts can strain even the strongest bonds.

9. Are there any champions who are enemies with everyone?
While some champions may not have explicit friendships, they can still interact with others in unique ways, whether as rivals or loners.

10. Can champions have friends outside of the game’s lore?
Yes, many players form personal connections and friendships with other players, extending beyond the game itself.

11. Do friendships impact the outcome of battles?
While friendships don’t directly impact battles, the synergy and understanding between champions can lead to better teamwork and coordination.

In the ever-expanding universe of League of Legends, friendships between champions continue to evolve, creating intriguing dynamics and stories. Whether it’s through shared interests, common goals, or unlikely alliances, these friendships add depth to the game and provide players with a glimpse into the personal lives of their favorite champions.

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